Bible Study Articles

What are our beliefs at Yahweh’s House Ministries?

What is the Father’s True Name?

Is Yahweh a God?

Does the Name Yahweh come from “Jupiter”?

What is the Messiah’s True Name?

Should we end prayers with Amen, Ahmein, Amein or Omaine?

How should we pray?

Should we call ourselves “Christians”?

Should we celebrate Christmas?

Should we celebrate Easter?

Should we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Should we celebrate Halloween?

Should we celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day?

Should we celebrate Birthdays?

Should we celebrate New Year’s Day?

What does the hand gesture mean in Jesus paintings?

Is the Catholic Church and Orthodox Church the true Church?

Should we drink Alcohol?

Is there really a Hell?

Does the story of the “Rich man and Lazarus” support eternal Hell?

What is the “Mark of the Beast”?

What happens when you Die?

What were “Dinosaurs”?

Can we eat unclean foods?

Should we ask the Father to bless our food before we eat?

Should we use Bible Oils?

How does Grace save us?

Why, and how, do the Creators children keep the Sabbath (Shabbat) day holy?

An in-depth study on the true Sabbath (Shabbat) Day!

Should we talk in unknown/gibberish tongues?

Can a man have more than one wife?

Should a man wear a Kippah or a Head Covering?

Is the “Left Behind” and “Secret Rapture” Biblical?

What does it mean to Covet?

Should we use the Book of Enoch?

What happens before, during and after the 1,000 year Millennial Kingdom?

What Language was the Bible written in?

Who is Lucifer?

Should we call upon “Lord”?

Should we use “The Star of David”?

How can I be Saved?

Who should be water baptised?

What Cross was the Messiah crucified on?

What are the Christian Pagan Trinity gods?

Do we need to fear the coming Judgement?

What does Bible teach about “depression”?

Are you a Jew? Or an Israelite?

What is the Biblical Calendar?

Are we part of the “Sacred Name Movement”?

Are we part of the “Messianic Jews Movement”?

Is having Money Evil?

Should we follow our own hearts?

What does “Torah” mean?

Where was the Messiah during His Death and Resurrection?

What are the Curses in Deuteronomy?

Should we get Tattoos?