What is the Messiah’s True Name?

We at Yahweh’s House Ministries follow the Messiah that lived and was crucified around 2000 years ago.  The same Messiah written about in the Holy Scriptures.  The same Messiah that Christians refer to  using the false name “Jesus”.  However, the Christian “Jesus” is very different in many teachings and nature and personality to the true Messiah – Yahshua.


So, we do not believe in and follow the “Jesus” that Christianity and the world presents, because the blue eyed, blonde named Jesus that Christians and the the world teach you is not the true Messiah of the Holy Scriptures.  The Jesus that Christianity teaches is not the true Messiah of the Holy Bible, as Christianity has presented the true Messiah wrongly and falsely, teaching he had long blonde hair, blue eyes and will torture people forever in hell and that all the feasts are done away with, and that the Commandments and Sabbath is abolished etc.

The truth is, this “Jesus” that Christians will present to you is a false Sun Pagan messiah that Satan, Christianity and the world has presented to the world, he is not like the true Messiah that John the Baptist spoke about, that Miriam (Mary) and Yoseph (Joseph) raised, and that the Disciples followed.

The true Messiah’s true name is Yahshua, it’s NOT “Jesus”.  And the true Messiah never done away with the Law, Commandments, Sabbath or feasts.  And the true Messiah did not teach an eternal hell where lost souls are tortured forever in hell.

It amazes me why so many millions of people still use the false name “Jesus”, when it’s clearly known the name “Jesus” was only invented a few hundred years ago, so it’s IMPOSSIBLE the false name “Jesus” can be the ONLY NAME UNDER HEAVEN FOR WHICH MANKIND IS SAVED BY, seeing NOBODY called upon the false name of “Jesus” before a few hundred years ago!

The proper and true Name for the Father and Son matters, Exo 3:15 teaches us that Father gave His name forever, ONE NAME, not many.  Yet millions of people are calling Him God and Lord instead of using His true eternal name of Yahweh.

Joel 2:32 teaches us that there is salvation and deliverance in that ONE true Name.

Revelation 22:4 teaches us that the redeemed will bear his ONE and ONLY TRUE NAME on their foreheads.

Acts 4:12 teaches us that there is ONLY ONE NAME that save us, not many different names, and certainly not the false name Jesus can save us seeing the false name Jesus was only invented a few hundred years ago!

Satan knows the importance of the Father’s and Son’s true Name, so Satan is causing all these false names to appear. Satan created the name “Jesus” to mislead people away from the ONE TRUE SAVING NAME!

If you want to continue calling out a false name like God, Lord or Jesus, then that’s your choice!  As for me, I rather use the TRUE NAME that the Bible characters used.

YHWHnota GodSo how did the true Messiah get falsely presented to the world today so differently, in name, in teachings and in nature?

The answer is Satan wanted to create a counterfeit Messiah, a Messiah that is not like the true Messiah, to get people to believe that the Messiah is someone who has altered the Law and Commandments of the Father, to get people to believe that he is a Person who has a nature of revenge by throwing people into hell forever to be tortured for all eternity.  Is it any wonder so many people reject such a cruel messiah?

We are asking and encouraging everyone to renounce this false messiah named Jesus and all of Jesus’ false teachings that are not biblical in the original languages of Holy Scripture.

The first thing we encourage people to do is renounce the false name “Jesus” and start using His true Name – Yahshua.

So how and when did the Messiah’s name become to be “Jesus”?

I will first explain how Translation vs Transliteration works.

Translation is taking a word from one language, and bringing it into another by its definition, sound, etc. Example: If “shoe” in English means “a foot covering” and “tent” in Arabic means
“foot covering,” these are a translation, “shoe to tent.”

Transliteration on the other hand, doesn’t work this way. Transliteration is the process by which Names are brought from one language to another, by using its phonetic sound. Example: Yahshua in Hebrew is Yahshua in English, Yahweh in Hebrew, is Yahweh in English, YHWH in Greek is IAUE, pronounced Yahweh in English. The same as the Name “Michael” is “Michael in all languages.”

In the earliest Greek Manuscript of the NT (Codex Sinaiticus) they wrote the Messiahs Name as “I X.” Iota (I) is the Greek letter for the Hebrew Yodh (Yahshua), X is the Greek letter Chi = K, and is the Hebrew letter for “Kohen = Priest.” Our Messiah has the same Name as the son of Nun that was Moses’ servant. In English we called him “Joshua (the J still retains the same phonetic pronunciation of Yahshua, J did not take on the ‘Jay’ pronunciation until the early 1800’s). In the Greek OT (Septuagint, or ‘LXX’), Yeshua the high priest during Ezra’s day, in Greek his name was “Iesous (or so they would have us believe).” Names retain their phonetic values no matter which language they come to. Someone known as “Ryan” for example, is Ryan in every language of the world, and people ‘struggle and fight’ to ensure that names are spoken correctly………EXCEPT WHEN OUR CREATOR AND MESSIAH IS INVOLVED!

The Greek spelling of “Iesous” is pronounced “Yeshua,” NOT “Jesus.” It comes from the Aramaic, not the Hebrew. From antiquity, The Creator and Messiah’s Names have been retained, but the Christian world would have us believe “they haven’t.” In fact, Jews and Christians have REFUSED TO LET THE NAME YAHWEH BE SPOKEN, and REJECT anyone that speaks it.

Yeshua is also a false name, that began being used AFTER the Babylonian exile and was never used BEFORE then. Yeshua is a Rabbinical usage, to prevent people from speaking the Name of “Yahweh.” This also has led people to call Him “Jesus,” or “Jehovah,” etc! These corrupt people claim the Name is “too holy” to pronounce, so hence, we see false names that do NOT contain “YAH”, and instead we see false names containing “YE” and they use things like “G_D, L-rd , etc.

We cannot arrive at ‘Yeshua’ from ‘Yahshua,’ they are two completely different languages and names!   Satan and they wanted to take the YAH out of the Messiah’s name, hence, they came up with YEH to replace YAH. Yeshua is only found in the Babylonian captivity records, nothing before this date. So to even try to use this as His Name, is unfounded, useless argument! If people really understood this, they would be shocked and horrified how they have been misled into using a false name such as “Yeshua” and “Jesus” etc.

The Latin Vulgate (which Rome/Vatican uses) adopted Iesous from the Greek, and dropped the O, rendering it as “Iesus.” In the 1700s, Protestant Christians (those that protested Catholic Christians = they are all Christians) dropped the I and replaced it with J, changing this to “Jesus,” which is an incorrect transliteration.

Important to know is that the letter J is only a few hundred years old, so the name “Jesus” dates back only a few hundred years, so it’s IMPOSSIBLE that the Messiah’s name is “Jesus” and it’s IMPOSSIBLE that Miriam (Mary), Yoseph (Joseph), and that the Disciples etc called him “Jesus”.

His CORRECT NAME is Yahshua (יהושוע), NOT “Jesus”.  Miriam (Mary), Yoseph (Joseph), and the Disciples and everyone else in the Messiah’s day called him YAHSHUA.  And this is important, because there is only ONE NAME under heaven which saves us, Acts 4:12, and that name CANNOT BE “Jesus”.  Notice carefully, Acts 4:12 doesn’t say many different and multiple names saves us, there is only ONE NAME that saves us, and we have learned that name cannot be “Jesus”.

Revelation 22:4 And they shall see his face; and HIS NAME shall be in their foreheads.

Notice with the above verse, it’s a future event, and saved will have His ONE and ONLY TRUE NAME in their foreheads, and that name CANNOT BE God, Lord or Jesus!

So we ask you, what Name will you follow and place faith in?  Yahshua or the false name “Jesus”?

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