What is the Father’s True Name?

The name for the Father Creator was changed by corrupted Popes and corrupted Jews. Have a look at these sources to see how the original Name for the Creator is YHWH, which is a Tetragrammaton for Yahweh, and how it was falsely changed to Lord, God, Jehovah, and a popular new and recent false name Yahuah, etc.

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Many English Bibles explain in the footnotes that Yahweh’s Name was changed to Lord and God. Notice in the following photos the English NIV (New International Version) Bible and other English Bibles even admit and explain about the change from YHWH (Yahweh) to God:photoYHWH



And the Catholic Catechism reveals the true Name Yahweh being changed, because they corruptibly claimed the Name of the Father was too “holy” to pronounce:


According to The Jewish Encyclopedia, Volume 1, Page 201, “In the Early period of the second temple the name was still in common use”.  But the corrupted Jews decided to claim that the Father’s personal name was now “too holy” to pronounce, so they removed and changed His name, WITHOUT the Father’s approval!  The Father’s name appears almost 7000 times in Holy Scripture, yet the corrupted people claim it should not be used.

The Encyclopedia Britanica, Volume 23, page 867, confirms the fact that the proper, original Name Yahweh was replaced with common substitutes……the divine name was increasingly regarded as too sacred to be uttered, for fear of profanation, and in the synagogue ritual it was replaced by Adonai (“my Lord”), which was translated Kyrios (“Lord”) in the Septuagint.

The Century Bible, Volume 1, pages 90-91 tells us:  “Some time after the return from the Captivity…the Yahdaim (Jews) came to believe that the Holy Name YAHWEH was too sacred to be uttered on ordinary occasions. It was said to be pronounced by the High Priest on the Day of Atonement. At other times, when any one read or quoted aloud from what is called the Old Testament, the word Adonay, Lord, was usually substituted for Yahweh, and similarly the LXX (Septuagint Version) has Kurios, the Vulgate dominus, and the E.V. Lord, where the Hebrew has Yahweh…”

So the corrupted Jews will not use the proper true Name of Yahweh, even though they should!

Even credible sources such as the Britannica Encyclopedia explain the Name Yahweh:


Even the music band U2 know about the Name Yahweh and even released a song about Yahweh around 10 years ago. (Please NOTE: We do not resonate with this form or style of music that U2 present, we are only mentioning it to show how well known the Name Yahweh is.)

The original Name that our Father in heaven gave Himself is Yahweh, before corrupted people changed it, and without Yahweh’s permission.

Our Father’s Name matters!  Don’t believe the unbelievers and Christians when they tell you that you can forget His name and use other false names!

Yahweh only has ONE TRUE ETERNAL NAME, Exodus 3:15.  Yahweh commanded we use His ONE and ONLY true Personal Name forever!  So how dare unbelievers and Christians change His name!!!

Anything else besides Yahweh, is an error and a made up false name that Satan invented in an attempt for Satan to remove Yahweh’s true saving Name, because Satan knows the saving power and salvation in the Name YAHWEH.



There is salvation in NO OTHER NAME besides Yahweh!

Act 2:21 ‘And it shall be that everyone who calls on the Name of יהוה (Yahweh) shall be saved.

Yahyl (Joel) 2:32 “And whoever will call with the Name of יהוה (Yahweh) will be saved…”

Also, Isayah 43:11 I, even I, am יהוה (Yahweh); and beside Me there is no savior

So the name that saves us is YAHWEH, NOT false names and titles such as “God, Lord or Jesus”!

So how can unbelievers and Christians claim the Name is not important!?

It amazes me why so many millions of people still use the false names God, Lord and Jesus, when it’s clearly says in Bible that His name matters!!!  And sadly, many are using other false names such as Yehovah, Yahuwah, Yahovah, and a recent and new popular one; Yahuah, which has become very widely used by false teachers!

Yahua is Greek, not Hebrew. Yodh Hey Waw.

Yahweh spoke Hebrew, chose the Hebrews, NOT the Phoenicians, and certainly did NOT choose a false name such as Yahuah.

There is NO SUCH WORD AS ‘YAHUAH’ IN HEBREW. That is Phoenician. Hebrews were NEVER PHOENICIANS, and there is NO EVIDENCE supporting claims that His real name is Yahuah!

Moab dwelt among the Phoenicians, the sons of Ham, and adopted their language. Moab even makes the mistake of calling Israel’s Elohim “Yahuah” which is incorrect, when Israel (in Hebrew) calls Him Yahweh (YHWH).

Yahuah is an error translation from Latin to Hebrew, combining Yahweh and Jehovah. Raymundo Martini first used the ‘Iehovah’ in 1200AD, and in 1700AD the English language adopted the ‘J.” The ‘ah’ ending didn’t come in until 1200AD by Raymundo Martini, a Jesuit Monk.

So, the ‘Yahuah’ erroneous theory, is nothing more than where people have tried to combine ‘Judah (Yahudah)’ to render the Martini transliteration as ‘Yahovah.’ Yet the early church fathers all agree that in Greek, His Name was pronounced IAUE (Yah-Weh).

The Jewish Encyclopedia shows that the “Waw” is pronounced as a “W” not a “V” as it is in modern Hebrew. WAW. Sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The name possibly means “nail” or “hook,” and the shape of the letter in the Phenician alphabet bears some resemblance to a hook. “Waw” is a labial spirant, identical in sound with the English “w.”

When preceded by the labial vowel “u,” it blends with it (“uw”), the result being a long u-sound; and when an a-vowel precedes it, the two form the diphthong “au,” which in Hebrew has passed into “o.” At the beginning of a word (a position it rarely has in Hebrew) “waw” retains its consonantal value, except when followed by פ, נ, מ, or a letter with simple “shewa.” As the first letter of verb-stems it has been replaced in Hebrew almost everywhere by “yod.” As a numeral (in the later period) “waw” has the value of 6. Notice, that this reference shows that if the letter waw (w) is preceded by the “u” vowel it has the long u-sound – otherwise it does not. And the Hebrew letters that make up Yahweh’s Name being yodh-hey-waw-hey do NOT contain the U-vowel in them, therefore it is not correct to say YahUah, but it is correct to say YahWeh.

The proper and true Name matters, Exo 3:15 teaches us that Father gave His name forever, ONE NAME, not many different names!

Revelation 22:4 teaches us that the redeemed will bear his ONE and ONLY TRUE NAME on their foreheads.

Satan knows the importance of the Father’s true Name, so Satan is causing all these false names to appear. Satan created the names God, Lord and Jesus etc, to mislead people away from the ONE TRUE SAVING NAME!

According to the Brown, Driver & Briggs (BDB) Hebrew Lexicon on page 217, we read “YAHWEH, the Proper Name of the Creator of Israyl.” The BDB has been considered, since its appearance in the early 20th century, the finest and most comprehensive Hebrew lexicon available and an invaluable resource for all serious Bible students.

On the next page, 218, we read: “The pronunciation Jehovah was unknown until 1520, when it was introduced by Galatinus; but it was contested by Le Mercier, J. Drusius, and L. Capellus, as against grammatical and historical propriety.” Published in 1906 the BDB is the result of over twenty years of research by the trio of eminent Old Testament scholars Francis Brown, R. Driver & Charles Briggs. Their work is based on the classic Gesenius Hebrew/Chaldee lexicon (1847) by Wilhelm Gesenius, known as the “father of modern Hebrew lexicography.”

On page 337 of Gesenius’ Hebrew lexicon we are given proof of The Ancient Pronunciation of The Proper Name (Yahweh) of The Father of Yisrayl.

One would be unwise to reject for no valid reason the information presented here. Here we have firm & reliable evidence from leading authorities supporting the Pronunciation of YAHWEH. There is no evidence or authority supporting any other name or pronunciation of The Name of YAHWEH.  For example, there exists ZERO credible or authoritative sources for the false name “Yahuah”.  There exists ZERO credible Scripture Scholars who support that false name!  The false name “Yahuah” is only supported by a new movement that comes from the Phoenician text, not from Bible text!

The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Religion,Volume 3 (Article: “YAHWEH”) and the Encyclopedia Judaica Volume 7 page 680 both say that the correct pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton ” has never been lost” and is YAHWEH.  Several early Greek writers of the Father’s Church testify that the name was pronounced “Yahweh.”

There is no evidence that another Name or Attribute of YAHWEH was removed from The Holy Scriptures.

THE NAME of YAHWEH appears exactly 6,823 times in the Hebrew Scriptures and is Woven into the Very Fabric of the Holy Bible. The Acrostics in the Book of Esther illustrate and verify this undeniable Fact.

In the past 5 years there’s been an EXPLOSION of misinformation and false teachings! Anybody can publish a book or a YouTube video saying whatever they want, and not being based on credible or trustworthy sources. Most of these people have no authority or credibility to teach Scripture. Many are only lay Bible students who study the Bible at their leisure, a little bit each week. Many are not responsible for Leading, Teaching or Shepherding a flock. Nor do they have any connection to any credible Teacher guided by the Ruach ha-Kodesh (Holy Spirit).

The Messiah said that there would be many false teachers in this day (Matt 24.12), only accepting what their itching ears want to hear, falsely claiming they are anointed to teach.

There is no authority supporting the erroneous pronunciation of “Yahuah.”, NONE, ZERO!

Some have tried to associate The Final Heh in Yahuah with the Heh that YAHWEH added to the name of the Patriarch Abram, making it AbraHAm. But the Heh in “Abraham” is a “HA” and not “AH.” Heh coming at the end of the name SaraH is silent. It is the vowel Qamets affixed to the letter Resh that gives the RA sound. The final Heh in “SaraH” makes the word feminine. “Sarah” is word #8282 in Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary and means: “a princess, a noble lady.” “SaraH” is the feminine form of SAR (#8269): “prince, noble man.”

In Biblical Hebrew there are no neutral words. Words are either Masculine or Feminine. The letter Heh coming at the end of words makes words Feminine like the Ta Marbuta in Arabic.

Proponents of the false name Yahuah postulate that The Final Heh makes the “ah” sound. The Final Heh in “YAHWEH” (pronounced YAH-we) is silent. There are no Biblical Hebrew words that I’ve seen where the letter Heh coming at the end of a word makes the “AH” sound. There are numerous Biblical Hebrew words where the Final Heh is silent, ie: Mosheh (#4872-73), Shelomoh (#8010), Shammah (#8047), Abeh (#16), Banah (#1129) and Geliylah (#1552) …To name a few.

When Cheth comes at the end of a word it makes the “ACH” sound not “CHA.” The Biblical Hebrew words Ruach (#7306-08, “Spirit, Wind, Breath”), Luach (#3871, ” Tablet”), Nuach, (#5117, “To Rest”) and Noach (#5118, ” Rest”) all terminate with the letter Cheth with the vowel Patach (“ah”) affixed to it.

“I Am YAHWEH: That Is My Name: and My Glory ( Kabod=”Honor”) will I not give to another, neither My Praise to graven images.” (IsaYah 42.8)

THE INTERPRETER’S DICTIONARY OF THE BIBLE “YAHWEH—The vocalization of the four consonants of the Israylite name for the Creator, which apparently many scholars believe to approximate the original pronunciation.”

Many credible sources teach the correct name is YAHWEH, so anyone who claims Yahweh is wrong, ask them to write an article showing how so many credible sources are in error.  I have never found a single Yahuah believer able to do so.

Also something to keep in mind, The Pope a few years ago commanded that all references to the Name Yahweh be removed from all Catholic literature, books, songs, hymns etc, because Satan does not want the true Name used.  Whenever the Pope does something, we should take notice, and the Pope commanded all reference to Yahweh removed, which shows Satan doesn’t want the Name Yahweh used because Satan knows there is salvation in the name YAHWEH!

12274568_1522882254701889_5722273785947537160_nWhen the Pope does something you should all PAY ATTENTION!

There is a reason Satan, through the Pope, commanded the name Yahweh be REMOVED. Also take note, the Pope never commanded “Yahuah” be stopped being used because Satan knows there is NO salvation or power in the false name “Yahuah”, and because the Pope wants people to use false non-saving names as God, Lord, Jesus, Yehovah, Jehovah, Yahuah etc.

A person CANNOT provide a single credible and well known Hebrew Scholar’s name of a person who says the name is “Yahuah”.  So if you meet someone who claims Yahweh is wrong and yahuah is correct, ask them to provide a single credible, reliable and well known and respected Scholar’s name who teaches the name “Yahuah”, and watch them squirm and sidestep and even insult you!

RETURN TO YAHWEH…that is the true Name that all the redeemed will be saved by and wear on their foreheads!

Please watch this following video which contains NEW EVIDENCE that YAH is older then YEH:

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