What does the hand gesture mean in Jesus paintings?

Origin of the Catholic and Orthodox “Jesus Christ” hand gesture.

In ancient Greece and Rome, there was a well-established system of hand-gestures used in oratory and rhetoric. Some of the oldest surviving Orthodox icons are found in Rome, and so it is believed that the first Orthodox Church iconographers may have co-opted these hand gestures when depicting their false Sun god Messiah.

It also is a copy from “Father Christmas”, St. Nicholas, who is shown to honour the false Pagan Sun god.


To any Orthodox or Catholic Christian, the man in these icons, who they call “Jesus”, his right hand in icons is usually explained as being raised to give a blessing. The arrangement of the hand is repeated by Orthodox Priests when claiming they are blessing others, hence, they hold their right hand in the same way (see photo below). This has a symbolism all of its own which has developed over time, however, has NO Scripture support or basis and has a sinister origin!




You will also find this disturbing hand gesture in the false religion of Buddhism.

Notice below, the Pagan Sun god Tammuz, with Semiramis, doing it before it was credited to the false end time Sun god “Jesus”.  It has changed slightly since then however, but has same origin!

This false hand gesture is even found in false Sun gods, which the Vatican deceptively claim is “Peter”.  Nowhere in entire Scripture does it teach that the true Peter did this hand sign/symbol gesture.

The three fingers of their false Messiah, as well as spelling out “I” and “X” – they confess the Tri-unity of their false Pagan Sun gods Trinity, God, Son and Holy Spirit. The touching finger and thumb of their false messiah “Jesus”, spell out “C”.




“IC XC” , what it means…

The “IC XC” is a Christogram, a monogram of the false Messiah Jesus’ name. “Jesus Christ” when it is written in Greek looks like this:


If we take the first and last letters of ΙΗΣΟΥΣ (“Jesus”) and ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ (“Christ”) we are left with:


A line (“titlo”) is often placed over each pair of letters to indicate that it is an abbreviated name. Since we don’t have sigma (“Σ”) in our alphabet, each sigma is converted to a “C”, thereby giving us:


So, “IC XC” is a shorthand for writing “Jesus Christ”.

The abomination and problem with this however is…the true Messiah’s name is YAHshua, not “Jesus Christ”.  And also, this false Messiah, “Jesus Christ” that Catholic and Orthodox Church believers worship is actually Tammuz, the false Pagan Sun god, hence, you see the SUN symbol behind his head in all Catholic and Orthodox Churches.  So what these people are doing is showing allegiance to and worshiping a FALSE SUN GOD instead of the true Messiah, exactly as Satan wanted, because Satan’s plan has always been to draw attention away from the true Messiah!

The Creators true children are forbidden to partake in any fellowship or ceremony with people who worship these false Sun gods and false Sun god Messiah!  So if you are attending a group or service or Church that uplifts these false gods doing these hand gestures, repent and COME OUT OF IT IMMEDIATELY!

CONCLUSION: These hand gestures are NOT Scriptural, they indicate the pointing to false gods.  When you see a false “Messiah” (see Photo below) that the Pope and world are trying to promote, realise it’s a counterfeit Messiah and counterfeit Crucifixion, in an attempt by Satan to get the world to accept a Pagan Sun god instead of the true Messiah.  The false and counterfeit “Messiah” is revealed by the Sun symbol behind his head, the unbiblical long hair,  and by the letters “IC XC” and by the false Pagan Cross, read this article for more about the Pagan Cross.

And also watch this video which shows that “Jesus” is actually a false Messiah, and that “Jesus” is actually a Pagan Sun god named Tammuz: