What Cross was the Messiah crucified on?

Most people were taught since a child that the Messiah was crucified on the Cross that looked like the Cross top left.

What if I told you He may not have been? Would that surprise you?13418757_1636462793343834_8566144973420210879_n

There are 5 main types of crosses (see the 4 to the right and the 5th in the photo in the end of this article) that are known to have been used for crucifixions in the ancient world.

The “Latin Cross,” or crux immissa, is the traditional cross that is most often portrayed in Catholic, Christian and Orthodox illustrations and in “crucifixes.” It was generally assumed that because a sign was nailed to the post above Yahshua (John 19:19), there must have been a section of upright post above the horizontal beam. But that’s an ASSUMPTION, no evidence for that claim!

The “St. Anthony’s Cross,” or crux commissa, was a commonly-used cross used by the Romans for crucifixions. The upright post, which was notched at the top, was already in place. The executed man was tied or nailed to the cross-section, which was then simply lifted up and set into the notch at the top of the upright post. From an engineering point of view, this was probably the most quickly and easily assembled – and also the strongest, because the weight of the condemned man was drawing down directly into the notch, where it couldn’t go anywhere, unlike the traditional Catholic, Christian and Orthodox cross that had the cross section fastened to the side of the post, which could much more easily pull away. And, since the condemned man hung down below the level of the horizontal beam, there was still plenty of room for a sign to be nailed above his head.

The “Greek Cross” had equal-length vertical and horizontal sections.

The “Saint Andrew’s Cross,” or crux decussata, was shaped like the letter X, with the two bottom legs set into the ground.

Millions of Pagan Christians around the world, especially Catholic and Orthodox Christians wear a Latin Cross (crux immissa) around their neck, they should be ripped off their necks and destroyed!

Imagine the Messiah being killed in an electric chair, and millions of Catholics and Orthodox Pagans wearing an image of an electric chair around their necks, and hanging on their wall!!?

We do not know with 100% certainty exactly what it looked like that the Messiah was crucified on, however, we do not believe it was the “Latin Cross” (crux immissa), as promoted and displayed by the corrupted Catholic Pope and Pagan Orthodox Christians Churches.




There is also this 5th option, a single pole, which we believe may be the one the Messiah was crucified on, however we humbly admit we are not 100% certain, and we believe possibly the Messiah may have been crucified on a “St. Anthony’s Cross,” or crux commissa, yet we lean towards the Messiah having been crucified on this following one:


Mat 16:24, when it says “carry your cross”, most translations say “cross”. The Greek word there however is “stauros”, Greek numbers #4716 in Strong’s, which can also mean stake, post or pole.