What are the Christian Pagan Trinity gods?

Revelation 12:9 teaches us that Satan deceives the entire world.  At at some point or another, we ALL have been deceived by Satan.

One of the biggest deceptions from Satan is the Christian Trinity gods.

It’s interesting, millions of people around the world are Christians, who worship 3 gods, and claim those 3 gods are one, yet not fully understanding or realising that NOWHERE in entire Scripture does it teach a Trinity.  This is how Satan deceives people, by getting them to believe something which is NOT in Scripture, yet convince them it is.  This applies to many different beliefs too, they think it’s in Bible but are horrified when they learn it is NOT taught in Bible at all and never has been!


Imagine how shocking it is for a person, who seeks and loves truth, when they finally learn that Satan has gotten them to worship false pagan gods such as “Jesus, Lord and God” and falsely worshiping the “Trinity” gods.  Especially when they learn that they have been breaking the Commandment that say, “Thou shalt have no other gods (elohim) before me”.

08293a69ab61368147005b606948f6a4I was once a Christian myself, and I was horrified and shocked when I finally learned and understood that I had been breaking and violating the Commandment to not have other gods before Father Yahweh. And I was horrified and shocked when I learned and understood that I had been worshiping a false Pagan god named “Jesus”, a name which was only invented a few hundred years ago, who in reality is Tammuz, the Pagan Sun god, hence, Christians worship and gather every Day of the Sun (Sunday) in honour of this Trinity Pagan Sun god, and they celebrate Tammuz’s birthday every year on December 25th, the day Tammuz was born, with their Christmas trees and Sun balls hanging on the tree, which is offered to Tammuz the Pagan Sun god!  So trees, decorations etc were all “offerings” to the birth of Tammuz. The round balls, especially the gold ones, on the Christmas trees we see today, has an origin of representing the “SUN” because the pagans worshiped the SUN as a god.

A boar (pig) killed Tammuz, so then the Sun God worshipers (Pagans) looked at the pig as a great god. It is still being offered today as food at Christmas time. The pagans thought that if they ate the pig, they would become united with a “god”. That’s why eating Ham is still a tradition today in many countries on December 25, the birthday of Tammuz. And even today we still see the boar[pig] with an apple in its mouth on a silver platter in some countries and traditions. So trees, eating ham, giving each other gifts etc, has NOTHING to do with the true messiah Yahshua, it’s all revolved around a Pagan worship of Tammuz’s birth on December 25.TrinityJesus

The true Messiah however, is to be worshiped on the Sabbath and was not born anywhere near December 25th.

SUNday gathering of Christians and Christmas is nothing more than Pagan Sun god traditions.

Trinity worship has no Bible foundation and should be repented of immediately!

It is truly disgusting, disturbing and shocking how Satan has deceived the entire world at some point or another to view the false pagan gods as the true Creator!

For an in-depth study on the “Trinity” and how it’s a Satan deception to mislead Christians, please click here.

And watch this video.

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