The Origins of Easter

Easter is an annual celebration observed throughout the world. However, there are absolutely no verses in the Bible that authorise or endorse the keeping of this tradition. Further – ever wondered what does eggs and rabbits have to do with Yahshua Messiah’s resurrection?

The Bible does not mention anything about Easter eggs, Easter baskets or Easter bunnies. Contrary, these were parts of the pagan rituals of the evil Religion of ancient Babylon and as the photo below shows, has a history of child sacrifice, notice the child being killed.  When people fully understand the origin of “Easter”, they are usually very shocked, disgusted, horrified and disturbed.

child sacrifice Anunnaki -- Baal Ishtar Inanna

So where did the tradition of celebrating Easter originate? Well there are a few theories.  Some believe that Easter gets its name from “Eostre” or “Ostara”, which was a Germanic pagan goddess. (Notice the rabbit in the photo below). But even this theory has major problems, since there is no real evidence that anyone ever worshiped a goddess named Eostre—we have no shrines dedicated to Eostre, no altars of hers, and no ancient documents mentioning her.
Yet others believe it came from “Ishtar”, which was a god of sex and fertility, which may explain the eggs of fertility we see today at Easter time.
The truth is that these Easter festivals were initiated long before the birth, death, and resurrection of Yahshua Messiah.

Ishtar was worshiped as the moon goddess, the goddess of spring and fertility. She is known by so many other names in other countries and cultures that she is often referred to as the goddess of one thousand names.

Easter - Fertility Goddess
[Inanna is the Sumerian name of Ishtar, and definitely the most important one. Inanna was the granddaughter of Enlil, who in turn was Anu’s son. Anu was the highest ranking Anunnaki and his name translated “Great Sky Father”. Anu was revered as ‘god of the Heavens’ and he was the central figure of mankind’s first religion. According to the Sumerian tablets, he visited Earth twice]. There is a  Babylonian Connection, (John 8:44, II Corinthians 11:14, 1 Peter 5:8) Ishtar – the Babylonian goddess – is the one for whom Easter is named. Ishtar is but another name for Semiramis – the wife of Nimrod. This post-Flood festival was part of the false religion Mystery Babylon and was started by Nimrod and his wife Semiramis (also known as Ishtar). They not only instituted the building of the Tower of Babel, they also established themselves as god and goddess to be worshiped by the people of Babylon. They are the co-founders of all the counterfeit religions that have ever existed. Nimrod was worshiped as the Sun god. He was worshiped in numerous cultures and countries under a variety of names: Samas, Attis, Uti, Merodach/Marduk, Ninus, Bel/BaalMoloch, and sometimes as his sons name – Tammuz – the list is virtually endless. [He was also known as Dumuzi by the Sumerians and as RA by the Egyptians].

Millions of people are worshiping and praying to this pagan goddess called “Easter” today and celebrating “Easter” in her honour, and many of them do not realise they are being deceived by Satan!

The Babylonians celebrated the day of Ishtar as the return of the goddess of Spring – the re-birth or reincarnation of Nature and the goddess of Nature. Babylonian legend says that each year a huge egg would fall from heaven and would land in the area around the Euphrates River.  Now you know why “Easter eggs” are part of Easter, and it has an evil disgusting and sickening origin.

[By the way, the Pope’s ceremonial clothes copy those worn by the ancient priests of Dagon, and not by coincidence. According to the Sumerian tablets, when the Anunnaki god Enki first arrived on Earth, he landed his space ship on water. He later emerged from water wearing his ‘scaly fish-suit’ (astronaut’s suit). Thousands of years later, the ceremony of the fish god was still celebrated in Akkadia, Assyria and Babylon, by the priests of Dagon… and it still is today].

In her yearly re-birth, Ishtar would break out of this egg and if any of those celebrating this occasion happened to find her egg, Ishtar would bestow a special blessing on that person. So now you know the origin of our modern-day tradition of Rabbits, Easter eggs and baskets and Easter egg hunts, that millions of deceived young children have been taught to do by their parents.

ishtar - easter - bunny - eggs - inanna anunnaki goddess

Other pagan rites that were connected with this celebration and which are part of our modern Easter tradition are Easter offerings to the “Queen of Heaven”(consisting of freshly cut flowers, hot buns decorated with crosses, and star-shaped cakes); new clothes to celebrate this festival (The pagan priests wore new clothes or robes and the Vestal Virgins wore new white dresses or robes and bonnets on their heads.); and sunrise services (to symbolically hasten the yearly arrival of Ishtar’s egg from heaven – the re-incarnation of the spring goddess).
Festivals for this goddess, were important parts for these pagan celebrations, which included the rabbit, red eggs, and gifts – all of which represented fertility. Easter is steeped in the Mysteries of ancient Babylon – an evil and idolatrous system.

Easter has connections to Satanic Ritual of Sacrificing Children!

Every year, the priests of Ishtar would impregnate young virgins on an altar dedicated to herself and her husband. The children were born on Christmas, and the next year they were sacrificed in the Easter’s Sunday at the sunrise service. The priests would take Ishtar’s eggs and dye them in the blood of the sacrificed children.  Most people do not understand or realise this!!!

Children were – and still are – sacrificed in Satanic rituals. Satanism is the religious worship of the Anunnaki, and the human and animal sacrifices were/are part of their rituals.

If you’re finding it hard to believe, then here is an excerpt of the Encyclopaedia Judaica, which identifies Ishtar and her husband as the gods to whom children were sacrificed:

“(…) The identification of Hadad-Baal with Moloch provides the background to Jeremiah 32:35, which fulminates against the bamot-altars of Baal in the valley of Ben-Hinnom where male and female children were burnt to Moloch, i.e., Baal-Hadad. Furthermore, a series of Assyrian-Aramean documents analyzed by K. Deller showed that Adadmilki or Adadšarru (“Adad the king”) was actually the god to whom children, sometimes firstborn, were burned (see photo below).

“The Assyrian material sheds new light on II Kings 17 where Adadmelech (to be read instead of Adrammelech) is the god to whom the Sepharvites burn/dedicate their children (verse 31). Adadmelech in this verse stands next to Anammelech who has been correctly related by scholars to Anath who bears the title ‘Queen of Heaven,’ the standard term for Ishtar…). The pair Adad and Ishtar, or the ‘king’ and the ‘queen,’ are the ones to whom children are dedicated in the Assyrian-Aramean documents quoted above.” – The Cult of Moloch, Jewish Library;

The following image is a Satanic ritual, which a human body (child) was burned in front of a wooden owl statue dedicated to Ishtar/Moloch, at Bohemian Grove!

World's elite cremation of care

Notice the fish-god priests conducting the ritual. Here below is a depiction of Ishtar.


The world’s traditional Good Friday to Sunday celebration account for Yahshua’s being in the heart of the earth for two nights and one day is actually not true! The story of Yahshua’s death, burial, and resurrection has been purposely distorted! There are absolutely no verses anywhere in the Bible that authorise or endorse the keeping of an Easter celebration. Further, the Bible says nothing about the practice of observing Lent, colouring Easter eggs, having Easter egg hunts, baskets of candy, bonnets – and so on…it’s simply NOT Biblical, in fact, it’s deceptive and Satanic! Easter has long been known to be a pagan festival and even America’s founders knew this. In the children’s book Easter Parade: Welcome Sweet Spring Time (pp 4-5) Steve Englehaty states:

“When the puritans came to North America, they regarded the celebration of Easter – and the celebration of Christmas with suspicion. They knew that pagans had celebrated the return of spring long before Christians celebrated Easter. (…) For the first 200 years of European life in North America, only a few states – mostly in the South – paid much attention to Easter.

“Not until after the Civil War did Americans begin celebrating this holiday… Easter first became an American tradition in the 1870’s… The original 13 colonies of America began as a Christian nation, with the cry of ‘No king but King Yahshua (Jesus). The nation did not observe Easter within an entire century of its founding.”

Most people accept evil and pagan and anti-biblical traditions as fact because they have been part of our culture for so long. Unfortunately, the truth however is, such traditions as “Easter” are dark, evil and nothing more than Pagan and Satanic rituals.

Even thought nobody can prove that the word Easter is etymologically related to the name of a pagan goddess such as Ishtar or Eostre, We at Yahweh’s House Ministries know for a Scripture fact that it does NOT have an origin in Bible, so we are disgusted, as you probably are now, when we learned these truths. We care about you and want you to know the truth, “Easter” is an evil tradition and must be repented off immediately and renounced!

The word “Easter” appears in the KJV translation, but in the Greek from which it is translated, it is ‘pascha’, and it means Passover, from the Hebrew word “Pesach”. Credible Scholars admit that this is an error in the KJV translation, and it only appears ONCE, at Acts 12:4. Luke didn’t put it there as “Easter”, he wrote it as “Pesach/Passover”. The KJV is the only one with this error, since translators have since corrected it in all other English translations for Acts 12:4.

The Christian Orthodox Priests and many Christian Pastors teach that having red eggs during Easter (ISHTAR) symbolise the burial and resurrection of the Messiah, and are a symbol of everlasting life. And when an egg hatches, life bursts out, breaking the seal of the eggshell, a reminder of the Messiah’s resurrection.

Also, they teach that their Easter eggs are dyed red to represent the blood of the Messiah, with further symbolism being found in the hard shell of the egg symbolising the sealed Tomb of the Messiah, the cracking of which symbolised his resurrection from the dead.

HOWEVER, the problem with that teaching is that it is 100% FALSE and 100% ANTI-BIBLICAL and has ZERO Bible support. You can ask any Orthodox Priest and they will fail to show you biblical support for red dyed eggs!

The truth is that red eggs has an evil origin that later infiltrated into the Christian Orthodox Church.

Festivals for ISHTAR (Later renamed to EASTER) were important parts for these pagan celebrations, which included the rabbit, red eggs, and gifts – all of which represented fertility. Ask yourself, what does rabbits and eggs got to do with the resurrection of the Messiah? Answer: NOTHING, it’s all part of evil pagan child sacrifice!

Anyone who sincerely researches will learn that Easter has connections to Satanic Ritual of Sacrificing Children!

Every year, the priests of Ishtar would impregnate young virgins on an altar dedicated to herself and her husband. The children were born on Christmas, and the next year they were sacrificed in the Easter’s Sunday at the sunrise service. The priests would take Ishtar’s eggs and dye them in the blood of the sacrificed children. Most people do not understand or realise this!!!

So whenever you see red dyed eggs, just realise, their origin is NOT in Scripture, but rather in evil Pagan child sacrifice!!!

We urge all parents to immediately REPENT of partaking in this evil custom and not lead your children into sinning.

Yahshua said, “This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” – Mark 7: 6-7

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