Should we use Bible Oils?

Shalom all our brothers and sisters,

Most of humanity have turned their backs on the Scripture truth! Satan has deceived them ALL, Revelation 12:9, and led them astray, lead them from truth to deception.

Satan, with the help and support from his world soldiers, including Atheists, Pagan Christians, Jews, etc have forgotten the Father’s true personal Name, Torah, Sabbath, Feasts, 10 Commandments and Scripture Oils.

We at Yahweh’s House Ministries are once again, as we always will continue to do, daily, weekly, yearly etc… to call everyone to RETURN to all things that were NEVER taught or instructed to do away with.

As for Scripture Oils, COME BACK and RETURN to these beautiful healing oils.


Is it any wonder Satan wanted to deceive the whole world to forget and turn away from Bible oils, especially knowing in these last end time days, there are now superbugs, plagues and nasty bacteria and virus’ coming, so we should prepare our Bible oils to help protect ourselves.


I realise many of you have not even thought about Bible Oils, and are not aware what Bible teaches about them and their usage and their powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties.

RETURN to SCRIPTURE OILS in addition to His true Name, Torah, Sabbath, Feast and 10 Commandments.


Bible Oils

Please read the following link, “An Introduction to the Healing Oils of the Bible”.

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