Should we get Tattoos ?

We at Yahweh’s House Ministries believe it’s unrighteous to get tattoos, and if any child of Yahweh has tattoos, they must be removed immediately, seek out someone who does tattoo removal and have them removed!

Many have tattoos which are symbols of abomination and Satanic, Sorcery, and Pagan symbolism and pictures, they MUST BE REMOVED and if someone doesn’t have Tattoos, they MUST NEVER GET ANY TATTOOS!

And if someone teaches you that it’s OK to get tattoos or that you do not need to REMOVE a tattoo, then turn away from that false teacher. Many false teachers say it’s OK to keep Tattoos, even if those tattoos are satanic, demonic, skulls, pagan images like cross etc, and images of abomination that contain evil symbolism!

These false teachers who promote tattoos, and those who refuse to get them removed, are living in willful sin, they desperately try to look for any excuse to keep their tattoos, even going as far as falsely claiming these verses are out of context, they say things like that it’s out of context, it’s only about death rituals, or it only applies to the dead etc, or they make other false claims that the Bible doesn’t forbid body markings! They REFUSE to REPENT and look for any excuse to keep their tattoos! They REFUSE to accept that we are forbidden to get tattoos, they refuse to accept the contexualised truth!

I have even heard many who refuse to repent, say things like “The Bible says make no cuttings FOR the dead. My tattoos are for the livings”, however, what they fail to read is that the comma after “for the dead”, means that part ends in context in Lev 19:28, then it goes onto say in the KJV, “nor print any marks on you”, and if we look up in the Concordance, it says it means tattoos, so in other words, AFTER the dead section, it’s saying:

“Nor put any tattoos on you.”, which is consistent with how many credible Hebrew Scholars translated it, especially in NIV, NASB, NLT, NAS, etc, because all these Hebrew Scholars know the most accurate translation is “Tattoo”.

Bible also says we should walk as Yahshua Messiah walked, 1 John 2:6, and Yahshua NEVER had any tattoos!

SHOCKINGLY, most people do not even realise or understand that their tattoos contain PAGAN, EVIL and SATANIC origin symbols, writings or images!

Can anyone truthfully and seriously visualise the Messiah and His Disciples walking the Earth in 2015, and be seen sitting in a Tattoo parlour getting Tattoos?

The Messiah and Disciples NEVER sat down and got bible verses or some other text or symbols inked on their skin, so neither should we!

Only people who REFUSE to REPENT and who delight in lawlessness will continue to support tattoos, and when someone tells them they are commanded to NOT get tattoo’s, or to REMOVE existing ones, they get aggressive and abusive or start making excuses as to why they think they can keep them, because they cannot bring themselves to REPENT, because false christian preachers tell them lies such as, “it’s ok, those verses are out of context, you are under grace, don’t worry about repenting!” or “Look around, everyone else is sinning, and not perfect, so it’s ok, keep your tattoos”. But this is an abomination teaching!

What about Miriam (Mary) or the righteous women of Holy Scripture, can anyone really see them sitting in a Tattoo Parlour getting a tattoo?

Answer truthfully.. if the Disciples and righteous women of Bible were resurrected today and walked the Earth today, could you really see them sitting in a tattoo parlor getting tattoos?


And to all you people who make excuses like, “It’s too expensive”. I tell you the truth, if you make a committed decision to repent of tattoos and have them removed, Yahweh will then open a door for you to have them removed, remember, Yahweh is very wealthy, He owns ALL the money on Earth, He can redirect money in any way he chooses!

And to all you who make excuses like, “It doesn’t work, they won’t be removed properly, and leave scarring and bad looking skin”. I tell you the truth, Tattoos CAN be removed, they are removed daily around the world by professional tattoo removalists! I rather enter Judgement having an badly scared skin area than an abomination ink tattoo on my body and have to face Judgement knowing I REFUSED to repent of tattoos!

REPENT of these disgusting body markings, you are FORBIDDEN to get any tattoos at all! And if you have any tattoos, go see someone who does professional tattoo removal immediately.

REPENT of Tattoos and represent our Father in heaven in righteousness and truth.

Yeremyah Michaiyah​