Should we follow our own Hearts?

Do you ever tell yourself, or hear someone else say, “Just follow your heart”?

The Scripture however doesn’t advice doing that, in fact it warns against it. The reason is because our hearts are corrupted by selfish thoughts and cannot be trusted and will very often lead us into error and wrong choices, based on irrational emotion, and not on righteous reason.

Have you ever got into a new relationship, or made a decision based on your “heart” and it ended up being a terrible decision that negatively affected your life, even being led by someone to false worship or a spiritually harming life?

Instead of following a deceitful heart, we should follow the Ruach ha-Kodesh (Father’s Spirit), who promises to lead us into ALL truth, John 16:13.

Follow the Ruach ha-Kodesh instead of your heart when making choices about new relationships, career choices, friend choices and choices in general, because then you will know the Father in heaven is making those choices for you and leading you to a fulfilled and righteous life and future and then you will be led to the person or people the Father wants in your life, and not rely on your own deceitful heart that may lead you to making unrighteous choices about who you marry or associate with that will harm you and your relationship with the Father, and maybe even affection your salvation!

Follow Father Yahweh, not your own heart.