Should we celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day?

Mother’s Day dates back to ancient cultures in Greece and Rome, it has Pagan roots/origins, NOT BIBLICAL!!!  And when people partake in customs and traditions that did not originate in the Creator, then they are partaking in false worship which is an abomination and sin against the Father Creator!  MothersDay

In both cultures, mother goddesses (Queen of Heaven) were worshipped during the springtime with religious festivals. The ancient Greeks paid tribute to the powerful goddess Rhea, the wife of Cronus, known as the Mother of the Gods (Queen of Heaven). Similarly, evidence of a three-day Roman festival in Mid-March called Hilaria, to honor the Roman goddess Magna Mater, or Great Mother, dates back to 250 BCE.

As Pagan Christianity spread throughout Europe, the celebration of the “Mother Assembly (Church)” replaced the pagan tradition of honoring mythological goddesses. The fourth Sunday in Lent (Weeping for Tammuz, later known as “Jesus”), a 40-day fasting period before Ishtar (Easter), became known as Mothering Sunday. To show appreciation for their mothers, they often brought gifts or a “mothering cake” (Yeremyah (Jeremiah) 7:18) and over time, it began to coincide with the celebration of the Mother Assembly. Mother’s Day always falls on the second Sun-day of May, and like so many other holidays rooted in Pagan sun-worship including Father’s Day which always falls on the third Sun-day of June, usually fall on the day named in honor of their most powerful Pagan god – The Sun!

Similarly, evidence of a three-day Roman festival in Mid-March called Hilaria, to honor the Roman goddess Magna Mater, or Great Mother, dates back to 250 BCE.

These kind of rituals on these Pagan Holidays are forbidden in the Torah and yet millions continue to do them. We need to check ourselves if we are so in love with the world that we will go against the Scriptures just to enjoy a Pagan Holiday!

Now, I love and honour my mother, but I love and honour Yahweh more, so I personally repented of and renounced celebrating Mother’s Day for my earthly mother. I obey Yahweh before I obey my earthly mother or the worldly Pagan customs and traditions, which Yahweh commands us to NEVER partake in.

Thank goodness I have an understanding mother who loves me and respects my faith, so she has accepted this.  Besides, I cherish and value my mother every day, and I let her know that daily when I see her and call her.  I see my mother regularly and on those days I do not see her, I always call her to have a lovely chat and always end the conversation with telling her I love and value her.  And when I see my mother, I regularly bring a gift to her to show her my appreciation. I do not need a false worldly Pagan day as “Mother’s Day” to tell me to honour and show appreciation to my mother once per year!  When someone is grounded in Yahweh and the fruit of the the Ruach ha-Kodesh (Spirit), we will follow the 5th Commandment to honour our mother DAILY, not just once per year!


Anna Jarvis - was the founder of the Mother's Day holiday

Photo above: A clear photo of Anna Jarvis – who has been credited as the “founder” of the Mother’s Day holiday, however the true origin goes back further! In 1914, Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation designating Mother’s Day, held on the second Sunday in May, as a national holiday to honor mothers. Although Jarvis was successful in “founding” Mother’s Day in Amercia, she became resentful of the commercialization of the holiday. The modern holiday of Mother’s Day was first celebrated in America in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at the Pagan sun god St Andrew’s Methodist Church.

Honor your Mother as the Holy Scripture says, but be careful not to offend our heavenly Father Yahweh by disobeying his Word, and by following abominations like Pagan holidays, customs and traditions!

James 4:4 “Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with Yahweh? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of Yahweh.”

Satan is well pleased with those that participate in worldly holidays, customs and traditions such as “Mother’s & Father’s Day” that have no biblical basis or foundation. They are created to uplift someone for a day over Yahweh. Instead of giving thanks to the one that gave you life, Satan has made Mother on Mother’s Day and Father on Father’s Day the idol for the day thereby placing Mother & Father above Yahweh.  There is a reason why Yahweh forbids such things, and people don’t need to bow down to something to partake in false worship, as false worship is committed by someone by partaking in something that did not originate in the Creator!  And Satan wants people to become conditioned and wired to only be truly grateful towards their mother once per year, so they don’t think about showing their love, gratitude and appreciation to their mother’s every day!

If you sincerely love, fear, respect and honour the Creator, then you MUST REPENT of these filthy and false customs/traditions/abominations!  NEVER partake in any custom or tradition if it did not originate and was not created by Father Yahweh, for doing so, will bring the consequences of sinning against the Creator!

“Mother’s Day” is just another day, if you do meet up with or call your mother, treat it like an ordinary day where you should habitually and regularly be treating your mother with the same love, appreciation, honour and thoughtfulness every single day of the year.  Why do you need the world to tell you to treat your mother “special” only once per year!??  You should be encouraged to do this every single day!

Hope this has been a blessing of truth and encouraged you to start honouring your mothers DAILY and making her feel special and loved DAILY, and not just once per year!  And I encourage all children, please call your mother daily on those days you do not see her, tell her you love her, thinking of her and make her feel truly and sincerely loved and appreciated, and take time to focus on her, don’t always talk about yourself and your needs, instead listen to your mother’s needs, listen to what’s important for her to chat about, and asking her what makes her feel valued and happy 🙂

And ask yourself, what was different on “Mother’s Day” or “Father’s Day”?  How were you treated and made to feel on “Mother’s Day” or “Father’s Day”?      You mean you were only helped, uplifted, acknowledged and appreciated only ONCE PER YEAR?  That’s pretty sad!  Mother’s and Father’s should be  helped, uplifted, acknowledged and appreciated regularly, not just once per year!

So please organise many days where everyone chips in to give your mother and father some time off from her grinding daily tasks, helping her and him to feel relaxed and appreciated.  Honour both your parents daily, not just once per year!

Shalom, Yeremyah