Should we call ourselves “Christian”?

We told a friend that we are not Christians anymore and that we have renounced Christianity. To this he said we cannot renounce Christianity because it’s biblical to be called Christians and be part of Christianity.

However, what is the truth…should we call ourselves Christians and say we are part of Christianity?the_truth_shall_wall_decal_single

Well NO!!! And the reason I say that is because Christos is not found in the entire Codex Sinaiticus, nowhere at all, which is the Oldest and most credible intact Complete New Testament in Greek that we have today. So “Christ”, “Christian” or “Christians” doesn’t appear in the earliest Greek New Testament we have!

So where do the words “Christ”, “Christian” and “Christians” come from?

It came from the Vulgate, and the Vulgate is a corrupt text, (The Vulgate is a late fourth-century Latin translation of the Bible that became, during the 16th century, the Catholic Church’s officially promulgated Latin version of the Bible), which was the first to use the word ‘Christian,” which in Latin is “Chrestianus,” which means ‘Anoint Janus” the pagan god of time. Before the Vulgate text, the words “Christian”, “Christians” and “Christianity NEVER EXISTED!

We are now a disciple of Yahshua, and Yahshua was a Hebrew not a Greek, so the proper term is NOT “Jesus Christ or Jesus the Messiah”,  for the proper Hebrew title has become corrupted to “Messiah” in English, the proper term in Hebrew and English is Yahshua HaMashiach which means “The Anointed One”, where ‘Christians’ are followers of the Pagan Christos, which was a ‘priest of the pagan orders.’ There is information from antiquities proving this.

Be on guard my dear brothers and sisters, Satan wants to DECEIVE THE WHOLE WORLD, Revelation 12:9. Please also read this: