Should a man wear a Kippah or Head Covering?

Did you all know that wearing a Kippah is 100% unscriptural?

And this includes men wearing hats or caps, not allowed by the Father.

Make a decision, follow Yahweh and Torah only, and do not follow added and modified commandments that are based on Jewish tradition and customs.

This may come as a shock and surprise to many of you, but men wearing a Kippah has NEVER been a Commandment from Yahweh, Scripture or Torah!  Men wearing a Kippah only comes from the Jewish oral law, written down in the Talmud, an added law that was never approved by the Creator.

And we are forbidden to ADD or REMOVE from Torah, Deuteronomy 4:2.

I personally choose to obey and follow Yahweh and Torah alone, hence, I never wear a Kippah.



We are not to follow false customs, hence, we should never wear one as doing so is part of false worship and partaking in false men’s traditions and not following Torah!

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And we do not resonate with nor agree with Nehemia regarding his teaching on Yehovah etc, and many other teachings of his.  However, in the following video, we do agree with his teaching regarding Kippah:

Yeremyah Michaiyah