Road to Grace

Matthew was driving to a business meeting when he suddenly approached slow moving cars caught up in traffic. As he was running late, after a short time, Matthew  began getting quite frustrated.

All of a sudden, as a bolt of lightning, the frustration and anger ignited and Matthew began to become very forceful in his driving. He began to swerve and dodge the other cars and began to reach speeds of dangerous levels and was driving out of control. He must have broken every law in the book!religious-crisisend2

In a flash, an instant of an eye, Matthew hit a little boy at a pedestrian crossing. The little boy had received a broken neck and had 4 ribs smashed, one piercing his heart. The little boy was screaming and crying and calling out for his mother. He was in terrible agony and pain.

Matthew in total shock ran to be by the boys side. He saw himself in the reflection from the boys tears. Matthew yelled over and over, “please Yahweh forgive me, please. Oh Yahweh, what have I done? Matthew said to the boy, “I am so sorry, please forgive me”. The little boy was wringing around in agony and looked deep into Matthew’s eyes and said, “I’m so cold. Where is my mummy and daddy, I love them, and I forgive you Sir.”

Shortly after the little boy took his last breath and was dead.

The police arrived and Matthew was arrested and taken to court. Matthew was filled with grief. Never before had he ever felt such sadness, guilt and sorrow.

The judge entered the room, and to Matthew ‘s surprise the judge was an old and loved school friend. “Matthew , Matthew , it’s you my old and dear friend. I’ve not seen you in a long time. What have you done?”

The judge heard the whole story and began to weep. He said “Matthew, I have sensed your grief and sorrow. I tell you what I am going to do. I love you so much that I will take your penalty upon myself and extend the courts grace. You are free to go. I will go to prison on your behalf. That’s how much you mean to me.”

Matthew was speechless and said “No, no, I am so sorry, please forgive me, can’t we just let it go this one time?” The judge said “No Matthew, the law is the law and cannot ever be changed. The debt has to be paid. But I will pay it on your behalf.”

The years went by, and Matthew visited his old friend in prison at times. Then, one day, Matthew heard how his friend had died in prison of a broken and lonely heart.

Out of total grief, he went to the police and said, “I was guilty, yet my friend has gone through so much pain and agony just for me, and now he is dead. I can’t stand it anymore, please lock me up and throw away the key, I’m such a sinner and selfish person and only live and care for myself”. The police said “Sorry Sir, we can’t do that. The crime you committed has been paid for in full. The law says it cannot be paid for twice. We can’t touch you, you are free to go.”

Matthew , weeping and sobbing, went out to his car. Started it up and drove away. Matthew never, ever again willfully broke the law. He kept the law to the best of his ability out of pure and sincere love and gratitude for his friend who has suffered for him. Daily he drove down that road abiding by the law thinking about his friend and how much sorrow he had caused by breaking the law in the first place.

Reader, did you see how Matthew loved and was loved. Please never mistake and confuse obedience for legalism, love is not legalism, love leads to obedience. Matthew only kept the law because he was free to do so and out of pure love. Matthew was already saved from prison and a lonely death, and was now totally free!

How silly would it be to once again after being through what Matthew went through, to jump in your car and willfully break the law and speed down the highway and hurt someone else? How silly would it be then to be pulled over by a policeman and he says to you, “You have broken the law, you are under arrest”. And then you reply, “No police officer, you can’t arrest me, I am under the court’s grace, you can’t touch me. I can do whatever I want!”.  Do you really believe that would work?

To fall in love with Yahshua is to walk with Him in obedience out of gratitude and love.

The law still stands, however, you can’t be saved by it because someone has already saved you from it and fulfilled it. However, the law still remains.

Yahshua taught that obeying in order to be saved or maintain your salvation is the worst kind of legalism [trying to earn salvation by good works], but obeying because we are already saved is the acid test of a true relationship experience with Yahshua.

Obedience follows true faith just as surely as day follows night. The person who keeps the commandments because he doesn’t want to displease Father in heaven he loves is not a legalist at all.

Yahchanan (John) 14:15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.

May Yahweh bless you.

Written by Yeremyah from Yahweh’s House Ministries.