Many theologians ‘claim’ that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the three Abrahamic religions. But did Abraham observe three separate religions? Did Abraham observe one of the three? Did Abraham even observe a religion? In fact there is a simple answer to all of these questions, and you would be shocked at the answer. The answer is NO! The three main religions that are ascribed to Abraham, in fact have no ties to Abraham, WHATSOEVER!

Judah did not have a religion until Solomons son Rehoboam, which Israel rebelled against. Because of this schism, Israel kept the Torah, and Yahwehs way, but Rehoboam chose his own religion. The Judeo religion was a minority religion, until Nebuchadnezzar conquered Israel, and brought them to Babylon, where Judaism soared. At this same time period is when the Sanhedrin was formed, and the Pharisee’s and Sadducee’s began (strangely enough, this is the same time frame that the Free Mason’s began). In 400AD, Pagan Christianity was formed, adopting the same traditions of the Jews, excluding certain ceremonial rituals. In fact, Christianity today is still called ‘Judeo-Christianity.’ In Yahshua’s day, there actually existed TWO religions. That of Abraham, and that of Judaism. When the Jews came tempting Yahshua, to see if He kept “their law,” Yahshua replied “You are not of Abraham (John 8:37-58).”

In 600AD, a man by the name of “Mohammed” was a devout follower of Judaism. He was learned in the Judeo traditions, etc. When he discovered that ‘Christianity and Judaism’ were the same religion, and were distorting the scriptures, he split from Judaism, and vowed to destroy them both. However, he didn’t do any better. Mohammed started his own religion, claiming its roots began at Abraham. But in fact, NONE of the three were founded upon Abraham, nor began by Abraham. In fact, Abraham never observed any religion. According to the Book of Yasher, Abraham forsook religion, when he witnessed his father bowing down, offering sacrifices, and praying to graven idols made by his own hands. This enraged Abram (the uncircumcised man), that he set out to find the one True Elohim that created all life. Isaac followed in his fathers steps, as did Israel, and his twelve sons until Rehoboam. Even unto this day, the ‘Life of Abraham, the worship of Yahweh’ is observed by those that have ‘forsaken religion,’ and accepted Yahshua as Yahweh’s Door to Himself. These are they of Matthew 25, that do unto others, as they would have done to them, they are not seeking glory, nor fame, but DOING WHAT IS RIGHT IN THE SIGHT OF YAHWEH.