Does the name Yahweh come from “Jupiter”?

There is an Antichrist/Antimessiah  getting around,  that is deceiving and tricking people into believing that the name Yahweh comes from “Jupiter”.

They reason poorly that it came from “Jupiter”, which he pronounces different from Yahweh anyway.  They claim Yahweh came from Yoway, but that is him making up his own conclusions without any solid or credible evidence to support it!

He then says sources like Britannica etc that teaches Yahweh, they got it from origins of the Jupiter worship, and yet he admits that name is “Yoway”,  and NOT Yahweh, and then he openly admits they are pronounced different, but then claims they are pretty much the same.  Can you believe that?!  Someone admits they are pronounced different, yet then claims, “oh well they are pretty much the same!”.  That is very deceptive, as he even admits they are spelled and pronounced DIFFERENTLY to each other!

This Antichrist/Antimessiah is contradicting credible and reliable Jewish and secular scholarly sources, which support the name as “Yahweh”.

People who follow and believe in any Antichrist/Antimessiah  need to realise they are following a person who rejects our Messiah, who rejects our New Testament manuscripts.  If they believe an Antichrist/Antimessiah who rejects our beautiful Messiah and NT mss can teach them truth and lead them to salvation then that is their choice!

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Yeremyah Michaiyah